The Audacity

An entry entitled "The Audacity" about… ballsyness, I you might say. Features photos of the largely anonymous Miss Anna Evans. Anonymous unless you can identify her tied up toes on sight.

On a scale of 1 to Claude-have-mercy this ranks a mild “You didn’t have to describe that spattering quite so vividly…”

All photos and fiction © Kincaid Blackwood

The Tangled Web: HER perspective, part 1

A story from the perspective of someone other than our hero.  Featuring images (of mostly the feet) of the model Anna Evans… all fiction and images © Kincaid Blackwood

Potty Mouth: version 2.0

A continuation of the story in progress.  Hailey has a few choice words.  Features photos of the models EchoN, Meagan Sample and Miss Nuke… all photographs and fiction © Kincaid Blackwood…

Potty Mouth: version 1.0

Featuring photos of Echo N… all images and fiction © Kincaid Blackwood

On a scale of 1 to Nasty this is a "I-can-still-live-with-myself-thanks."  Enjoy…

Force-feeding… vol. 2: "Daddy Issues" part II

On a scale of 1 to filthy-nasty this ranks a solid "I don’t think I can cleanse myself of this shame."  Hailey’s a dirty girl.  Read and enjoy.  Original fiction and imagery (including photos of Sadie Seuss) © Kincaid Blackwood