Under the covers.
© 2014 Kincaid Blackwood…

nearly what we talked about the other day… NEARLY.

Before I even enlarged this or saw what you’d wrote, I thought that STRAIGHT AWAY! 😍 This is so cute!

Ours would be… “Cuter”…

I don’t often read the comments added to my photos. But sometimes I do. After glancing through the “likes” I came across this. It’s one of those rare moments when I can’t determine whether I’ve caused something or interrupted it.
I find this inexplicably hilarious. As you were, people…

gypsyrose27 asked: Your work is so lovely!

Thank you! If only I could get you in front of my lens…

I’ve been so swamped with work, I still have a ton of photos of Sylvia that I haven’t had the chance to treat and post yet. All in due time. While you’re eating BBQ, I’m here making sexy pictures and video.

Speaking of, see the hot video I did of the lovely Sylvia here on Vimeo.
Mr. Blackwood has been busy. The model is the sexy Isola August. © 2014 Kincaid Blackwood.

Check out my sexy shit on Vimeo.
From my next video. Sexy Sylvia. © Kincaid Blackwood.

Check out my sexy shit on Vimeo.


Just look at what popped back up on my dashboard (minus credits; oh well). © Kincaid Blackwood.

Check out my sexy shit on Vimeo.

TheeSylvia from Kincaid Blackwood on Vimeo.

Bullets & Snickers: or β€œAn interpretation of the song "Don't Speak (Came to Make a Bang)"” from Kincaid Blackwood on Vimeo.

Sylvia is in motion on my vimeo: vimeo.com/kincaidblackwood #cinematography #nude #tattoo #theesylvia #sexy #lace #underwear #victoriassecret